How to build a balloon garland at home

Balloon garlands and balloon arches are a fun and fabulous way to add colour and excitement to any party or celebration. They are perfect for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and more.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps to create a beautiful balloon garland yourself.

Pastel theme balloon arch kit with tassels

How to build a balloon garland

Materials you will need:

  • Balloons in assorted colours and sizes, or a pre-made balloon garland/balloon arch kit
  • Balloon pump 
  • Balloon decorating strip (included in the kits)
  • Command hooks or other hanging hardware to the wall
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line, ribbon or clear string

Step 1: Choose your balloon colours and sizes

Select a variety of balloon sizes and colours that match the theme of your party or colour scheme of your event. You can use standard-sized balloons or mix in some larger balloons for added dimension. For example, if you're creating a garland for a baby shower, you might choose pastel-coloured balloons in different shades of blue or pink, or cream and eucalyptus for a neutral theme.

baby bear baby shower balloons

Step 2: Inflate the balloons

Using a balloon pump, inflate the balloons to different sizes, try to keep the sizes somewhat consistent for a balanced look. You can inflate a few balloons of the same size at once to make the process go faster.

Balloon Pump

Step 3: Create a balloon garland strip

Unroll your balloon decorating strip and cut it to the desired length for your garland. You can use a single strip for a smaller garland or connect multiple strips together for a longer garland. The strip has small holes where you can insert the tied balloons.

balloon garland strip

Step 4: Tie the balloons onto the strip

Take a balloon and insert the knot into one of the holes on the strip, and pull the tail through to the other side. Repeat with more balloons until you have a full and balanced garland. You can vary the balloon sizes and colours to create an interesting pattern.

create a balloon garland

Step 5: Hang the garland

Once you've finished creating the garland, use fishing line, ribbon or clear string to tie the garland onto a command hook or other hanging hardware. Make sure to tie the garland securely and adjust the shape as needed. You can hang the garland from the ceiling, along a wall, or around a doorway.

Pink Balloon Arch DIY Kit

Step 6: Add finishing touches

If you like, you can add additional decorations to the garland, such as ribbons, greenery, extra mini balloons or flowers. You can also adjust the shape of the garland by twisting or bending the balloons to create a more organic look.

Baby shower balloon arch kit

Creating a balloon garland is a fun and easy way to add colour and excitement to any party. With a little bit of creativity and patience, you can create a beautiful garland that will be the talk of the party without spending a fortune!

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