FAQs - Stuffed Balloon

Do the stuffed balloons float?
No, they are air filled and presented in a cardboard base to keep it upright.

Can I choose what goes inside the balloon?
Yes, please add a note at checkout with any preferences you have for the goodies.

How long will the stuffed balloon last?
The stuffed balloons are latex so will only be at their best for 1-2 days but most people will pop their balloon straight away to get their goodies.

How should I care for my stuffed balloon?
Stuffed balloons should be kept at an ambient room temperature, away from sources of heat, cold or direct sunlight. You should also keep them away from sharp or pointy surfaces such as doors and furniture.

Can it be delivered directly to my loved one?
Yes, but these products can only be delivered to the local SK17 postcode.

Can I request a custom design?
Yes, please contact us via our website, Facebook, or Instagram to discuss.