Coterie Party Supplies

Coterie Party Supplies


      Little Big Party Co are proud to stock Coterie party supplies!

      Coterie Party Supplies' mission is simple: More good times!

      They believe that if you put three or more friends in a room together and add a bottle of bubbly, you have a party.

      And we’re here to make those occasions happen more often and more easily than ever. That’s why we offer elevated products, curated for any occasion and shipped to your door.

      Coterie Party believe that spills, smudges, and imperfections are the mark of a party well-thrown, and there shouldn’t be any pressure to get all the details exactly right.

      We’d rather you spend more time on your guest list than your napkin choices—because after all, the people are what make the party.

      We’re just here to help you feed them and fete them until the bottles run dry.

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